Trial Day

Come to us for a trial day. You are spending a whole day at our club, take part in all our flying operations, including a flight together with one of our pilots in the double seater. Experience the spectacular launch from our winch and with a little luck, there are some thermals and you can rise much higher.
The trial day is intended for people who are interested in achieving a glider license at our club.

In case you only want to experience a single glider flight, we also offer introduction flights, typically done by aerotowing to Rax and gliding back to our airfield. (flight time 45 mins or more)

Basically we are flying every weekend and holiday from mid of March till end of October, as long as its not raining.
We get startet with the briefing at 9am. To see our procedures and to get an idea if you like this kind of hobby, you should stay the whole day. Usually the hangar doors will not be closed before 6pm in the evening, depending on season and weather conditions.

We charge 50 € for the trial day.

How to register?
Just contact us to align an appointed day.
See Contacts.

We are looking forward to meeting you!