ASKÖ Flugsport Wien

Our club is a non-profit organisation aiming to introduce aviation enthusiasts and everyone interested to the magnificent gliding sport.

Despite the fact that our main focus is on flying sailplanes, we are also very active in the powered flying segment.

We offer flight training in both gliding and motor flying with our modern fleet of sailplanes, motorgliders and powered  GA aircraft.

Our homebase is the airfield Wiener Neustadt West (ICAO code: LOXN), 30 km south from Vienna, Austria. Our location combines the proximity of a large city and the perfect starting point for long and beautiful flights in the alps.

Unlike commercial flight schools, we do not employ any payed personell. The members of our club all work together and do everything, from operating the glider-winch, piloting the tow-plane or repairing and maintaing the airplanes, on a voluntary basis. This strengthens the team-spirit and makes flying in our club very affordable. We see the flight training of our new pilots at our club as the first step of a long term flying carreer with Flugsport Wien.