Airfield Wiener Neustadt West

Wiener Neustadt West is an airfield steeped in history. It was one of the first airfields ever built (back in K&K era) and is Europe’s largest grass field to date. During WW2 the majority of German’s Me109s has been constructed here, by what Wiener Neustadt became Austria’s most bombed city. Thesedays the Austrian Army only conducts their parachute training in LOXN, which enables civil pilots to perform this incredible sport, not more than 30 highway minutes south of the capital city Vienna. That’s how Austria’s largest gliding hub came into life during the last 20 years.

The nearby Fischauer foothills, the Hohe Wand and the Schneeberg are our gate to the alps and form the perfect conditions for long cross country flights all over the country.

Neustadt Tower: 123.25 MHz (Military controller)
Neustadt West: 130.15 MHz (Civil controller on Weekends and after 4pm local)

18L/36R Grass 14L/32R Grass 09/27 Grass
18R/36L Grass 14R/32L Grass 04/22 Grass