Training Motor Flight

What are the requirents to begin flight training for motorized aircrafts?

You should be at least 17 years old and have to pass a the medical examination. (Medical Class 2)

What are the costs to obtain a aircraft licence?

To get the privat pilot license, you must complete 40 hours of flying, whereof 10 hours are flown solo. All together we are talking about arround 100 departures and landings. Also cross country flights to different airfields are mandatory. Combined with theoretical training and exams, the overall cost will be close to 8000€.

When does flight training take place.?

We are training throughout the whole year. Only fog, rain, snow, or stong winds prevent us from taking off. The dates for each training are arranged individually with you flying instructor.

Where does the training happen?

All trainings are done in our club at airfield airfield in Wiener Neustadt. Depending on the number of participants the theoretical lessons will be conducted together with other flight schools.

How long does it take to get the PPL?

Depending on availability of gflight instructors and weather conditions it take about 1 to 2 years until you get your license.

What are the possibilities after obtaining the PPL license?

With your PPL you are allowed to fly the club’s Katana DA20 and both of the Super-Domona motor gliders. It’s very important to keep one’s hand in further training and flying practice. In succession, obtaining the license for aerotowing might be another option for you.

What are the running costs of flying motorized planes?

Beginnin at arround 1500€ p. a.  there are no boundaries upwards, depending on you motivation and possibilities. All motor flight related costs can be found here.