Funding for Training of Youths
Young people below the age of 19 are getting a refunding of 150€ from the Austria Aeroclub, after finishing the glider license.
You can download the application here:

Funding for Achievement badges
Young pilots till 25 get
150 € for the “Silver C” (50 km distance, 5 hours flight and reaching 1000m above launching altitude),
240 € for the “Gold C” (300 km distance, reaching 3000m above launching altitude),
180 € for each “diamond” (500 km distance, 300km target and return flight, 5000 m of altitude gain).

Everyone above 26 who’s license is not older than 10 years receives:
150 € for the “Silver C”,
200 € for the “Gold C”,
180 € for all three diamonds.

All information about funding and achievemnt badges can be found here:

Funding of training camps and competition participation
Participations in competitions or training camps (Gold-Challenge, Silver-Challenge, etc) are usually funded generously by our parent organization ASKÖ.