Aviation Career

This is how your glider pilot career may look like with us:

  • Membership at our club
  • Practical and theoretical training
  • 50 to 70 take-offs in one of our double seated gliders with one of our flight instructors; 5 to 7 take-offs per day
  • Aero-tow course (optional)
  • Medical examination (Class II)
  • 30 solo flights in the single seater glider
  • Practical and theoretical exam
  • Picking up the licence atthe Austrian Aero Club
  • Gaining practical flying experience in proximity of the airfield
  • Acquisition of the Radio Certificate
  • Double-seater rating (enables to fly double-seated gliders with passengers)
  • Acquisition of other ratings (e.g.: retractable powerplant rating)
  • Cross country flying
  • Acquisition of the FAI Gliding Commission Badges
  • Becoming a certified flight instructor at out club
  • Aerobatic rating
  • Participation at gliding competitions
  • And much more depending on your interests!

More questions may be answered in our FAQ.